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we are specialised in creating your digital product from scratch, including apps, saas tools & the next airbnb.

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we do product management

one point of contact

great products require a variety of experts in all kinds of fields. We got all of them and make sure you don’t get lost there by providing you with one point of contact.

shaping your ideas

it all starts with an idea. But going from there to a digital product your users love using requires bridging a few gaps. We will be at your side on this journey.

constantly improve

the first increment of your product is only a very first step - and must not be the last one. We know how to use data about user behavior to constantly improve your product and the business behind it.

our design process

what we focus on

the very first step is for us to become experts of the space your product is going to live in. We need to have a deep understanding of your vision, the problems your are going to tackle and the users we are creating your product for.

how we do it

we tap all the resources that might help us. This includes a deep exchange with you and other stakeholders, studying a lot of the available external resources like scientific research, expert interviews or reports about experiences made by others in this space already and last, but not least, intense communication with the users who are we going to build the solution for.

what we focus on

next step is to come up with the very first ideas how to tackle the pain points we identified. It is important for us not to get stuck in any approach or concept early on, but truly explore the space and go through endless different ideas.

how we do it

it is the creative stuff. we write post its like crazy. We scribble ideas on papers just to trash them and start again. We take a break. Take a step back. And start again. We do this over and over again until we know we are moving into the right direction.

what we focus on

no matter how much in love we are with our ideas, we will not be the only people who are supposed to use your product in the end. this is why we are looking for the reality check and iterate quickly based on it.

how we do it

we create prototypes that already look and feel like a real product. we give it to all kinds of people and observe how they react to it, what they like and what might confuse them. we take this input and change our approach - radically if necessary. then we start all over again until we can truly believe that what we created really works.

what we focus on

great products do not only work - using them should be an experience full of pleasure. so the next step for us is to go really deep into the details of the user interface and make sure it looks just great and also fits the style and identity of your company.

how we do it

we get creative again. we mix colors and paint pretty details. we move pixels around until we have the feeling that they all are just in the position where they belong. we play around with smooth transitions and create illustrations and animations. sometimes even animated illustrations. we do this until using your interface feels just great.

what we focus on

bridging the gap between design and development often is a real challenge. this is why the last step of the design process is at the same time the first step of the development process. it is now our designer’s and product manager’s challenge to give the right input to the development team so that they build exactly what has been created, tested and improved before.

how we do it

we get our development team on board in a way that enables them to take full ownership of the next steps. they will not only execute what the designers hand over, but fully understand what the goal of the product is and what it is supposed to change for the users so we can reduce miscommunication to a minimum.

last stop: development


we deliver state of the art code for highly performant software - test driven and well structured.

continous integration

in order to release product updates constantly and in an agile manner, we set up the right workflows.

hosting & support

we make sure your software runs on an efficient and scalable infrastructure. and we will be there for you if you experience any kind of trouble.

beyond product


a strong brand is the soul of your company. We create it in a way that represents your strengths and values - and that people will remember it.


we will make sure that your product reaches the people who were desperately waiting for it through all kinds of channels.


sometimes, it’s hard to precisely define the problem you want to tackle - and what is the best possible solution. We have strategies to bring structure to this process.


a long term strategy might require you to build up the skills and knowledge you need for continuous improvement in-house.

business strategy

digital transformation can strongly affect your whole business. We make sure this shift becomes a true success for you.

data driven improvement

the constant development of your product and the strategy behind it requires collecting and evaluating the right metrics.

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